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Your host, Leonard Ellis.

Leonard Ellis is fortunate to have spent his life guiding an international clientèle to Grizzly Bear, Black Bear and Mountain Goat on the mid Coast of British Columbia.

Every Spring, Summer and Fall for over three decades has been spent Guiding on the Central Coast in search of Bears and Fish for his guests.

Over the years he has experienced many encounters with Grizzlies and Black Bears and has many entertaining stories to share with you of Bears Encounters and Life on the West Coast.


Grizzly Bears on the Atnarko
Bella Coola Grizzly Tours inc. is a Land and Marine based Guiding operation out of the Port of Bella Coola. We offer Wildlife Viewing Tours to the East in the Bella Coola Valley Watershed and to the West out the Glacial Fjords commonly known as the "Great Bear Rainforest".

The Springtime is actually one of the best times to view the Biggest Boar Grizzlies as they are forced to come down to the Estuaries to feed on the fresh Greens and Sedges that grow there. Big Boars are very reclusive so Spring is the opportune time to see them when they must expose themselves on the Tide Flats to feed. This is certainly the best time to get uninterrupted photographs of Older Mature Boars. In the Fall time they are in the small little side creeks and much harder to locate and photograph.

Grizzly Keeping an Eye on Surroundings
The Old Boars graze like cattle on the tender new chutes while keeping a constant eye on their surroundings. The Grizzlies sense of smell is incredible and they can smell and see you easily from a long ways off. Unlike Black Bears that do not see well at all, Grizzlies have very good vision considering the size of their eye.

Many Bears are spotted on the Low Tide cruising along the shoreline travelling looking for food and eating Mussels and Kelp when they first come out of their dens. The new grass grows first close to the tidal zone where it is a little warmer. We view the bears from Boats at this time of year and one can get reasonably close for photographs without spooking the Bear. Late Spring is also breeding season for the Bears and should we be lucky enough to witness this performance, consider yourself fortunate as they can put on quite a show sometimes.

Grizzly Cubs
When summer approaches the Sows and Cubs can be found in higher alpine terrain. They dig and feed in remote meadows, avalanche chutes and slide areas as the snow recedes. They use their huge forearms and long claws to dig for rodents and their huge nose to smell the wind in search of animals that have been swept off the mountain and killed by slides and harsh winter conditions.

Blue Berries, Salmon Berries and Huckleberries grow on slide areas and lowlands and make up a huge part of their diet when they ripen up. It is quite something to watch the Bears eating the berries. They just strip the branches of the berries by running the limbs laden with the berries through their teeth, eating lots of the leaves as well. They eat a large amount daily to satisfy their appetite. Our 4x4 Safaris work well for climbing up the old roads into the outback and finding the bears at high elevation.

Cubs Fishing
Come August the Bears start working their way towards the Salmon Spawning Rivers to get a feed on the first run of Salmon in the River. The Bears feed in the Rivers on the Spawning Salmon all Fall and into the Winter. Grizzlies feed on the late run of Coho into December some years.

The Wild Pacific Salmon are the Coastal Bears major food source to fatten up and ready the Bears for the long winter months when there is little food for them. We view the Grizzlies at a safe distance from our Tour Vehicles as they feed on the Salmon in the Spawning Rivers. We rely solely on incidental sightings and any encounters with Grizzlies are purely natural.

The Bella Coola Valley has a high population of Grizzlies and we are able to view them in various settings while they are feeding.

We hope you will join us at Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and Adventure Resort this year to experience what the Bella Coola Valley and area has to offer.

Yours Truly,

Leonard Ellis

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