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General Information

Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and Adventure Resort is centrally located just minutes from the Airport and BC Ferry terminal on Highway 20. Our location is very convenient to all amenities, yet in a Wilderness setting. We offer guided wildlife viewing adventures throughout the Valley and mid-Coast.

Our Garden at the Resort
Here in the Bella Coola Valley we are very fortunate to have pure clean air, soft pure mountain water and virtually no pollution. At Bella Coola Grizzly Tours we do everything we possibly can to reduce environmental impact in our day to day operations.

Fortunately the Bella Coola valley bottom provides rich fertile soil and we are able to grow a large Organic Garden at our Resort to utilize all locally grown produce and vegetables in our cookery. Farm fresh eggs are provided by local farmers and laid by free range chickens. We do not burn oil or gas or any of the fossil fuels for heating our resort and use only efficient woodstoves for heat. We do utilize renewable resources that are environmentally sustainable and maintain a conservative outlook on our local natural resources.

Local Prawns & Crabs
The White Spot Prawns we harvest from the local Fjords are rated top ten in the world Eco-best choice for Seafood. The Pots we use to catch Crabs and Prawns are associated with relatively low by catch and habitat damage. The coastal Prawn fishery is well managed and Prawns are resilient to fishing pressure. Unlike some other seafood Wild Prawns have very low contaminant levels.

We consume only Wild Salmon at the Resort and support only sustainable fisheries. We do not support Salmon Farms on this coast. The well being of the Pacific Salmon and Grizzly Bear habitat is Paramount. It is of utmost importance to maintain the fragile watersheds and spawning grounds for reproduction of fish and wildlife and for future generations to enjoy. We support sustainable harvest levels of Fish and Wildlife and endeavor to harvest free range wild animals for sustenance.

“… we so enjoyed meeting you all and were honestly blown away by your generosity in spending so much time with us and feeding us in the bargain.  We all have talked so much about our wonderful trip and of course you and your family and your beautiful spot are spoken of too.  I do hope we all meet again …”    -- Patti Swinburne and Derwyn Tripp

Weather and Wind

Tideline Camp
The Weather on the West Coast is generally quite good in the Spring, Summer and Fall with lots of beautiful Sunny days to enjoy. We do have our share of rainy and cloudy days as well and guests should be equipped with rain gear and warm clothes in case of wet weather.

The mornings and evenings can be cool when the sun is behind the mountain. Guests should bring layered clothing that can be removed as it warms up in the afternoon. Footwear can be hiking boots or some kind of waterproof walking boots for most activities. Footwear with ankle support is good as you may be walking on trails, rocks and slippery surfaces.

Boaters should be advised that their summer travelling is best done first thing in the morning when the winds are light and the seas are calm. On hot sunny days the interior heats up early and the west wind or inflow starts before noon.

“…What an amazing adventure your tour was. Oh the joys of people we meet during our vacation.  The grizzly spotting was fun as was the road less traveled …”  --Joanne & Chuck Yeastedt

Personal Gear

Enjoying One of Our Local Hotsprings

Cameras and video recorders are a good thing to bring for the many photo opportunities. Telephoto lenses are great for Wildlife photography and will improve the quality of your photos.

Good quality binoculars/optics are essential to have along as well to get a closer look at the wildlife from a distance.

Backpacks are handy to keep your personal gear in when on the trail.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are good to have on the Marine Tours as you can get sunburned on the water.

Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel for the Hotsprings.

Drive In to Bella Coola

Prepare for Incredible Scenery!
Head West from Williams Lake B.C. on Highway 20 and let your Wildlife Viewing adventures begin. Bella Coola is about a 6 hour drive West from Williams Lake. Chances are you will see a few Mule Deer around the Alexis Creek area while cruising across the Plateau. After about 2 hours of travelling on the Chilcotin Highway you will see the rugged, snow-capped peaks of the Coast range a distance off to the West. Just keep heading for the Coast and stay on Highway 20.You will pass through Tatla Lake, Nimpo Lake and Anahim Lake and eventually you will come to Heckman Pass.

Bella Coola's famous "Hill" is the point where Highway 20 crests the Coast Range and begins its descent into the Bella Coola Valley. In this general area you should keep your eyes open for Grizzly Bears and Black Bears as they like to feed on the Clover along the side of the gravel road. At Heckman Pass you begin the two part descent and the first 5.5 km's leads you down to the Young Creek Bridge. The last 6km, with grades of up to 18%, is marked narrow, single lane in places. There are two switch-backs, giving spectacular views of the Valley below.

The Bella Coola Valley
Be sure to take your time coming down and keep your vehicle in low gear on the steep parts using your lowest gears to hold you back. Try to avoid using your brakes too much. If they heat up you will have to pullover to let your brakes cool. Vehicles coming up the hill have the right of way so always be alert of the oncoming traffic and pull over to let them by. Once you get to the bottom of the Hill and the Valley below you will be back on the pavement. Always be watching for bears as you cruise through the upper end of the Valley as they can be wandering around anywhere in the Tweedsmuir Park area.

Fly in to Bella Coola

Bella Coola Airport has a 4200 foot paved runway and is suitable for small private jets (V.F.R). Port Hardy, at the North end of Vancouver Island has a 5000 foot paved runway where commercial jets can land (ILS Facilities). Fuel (Jet and 100 low lead) is available at Port Hardy and Bella Coola, as well as aircraft storage facilities.

Pacific Coastal Airlines
Provides daily scheduled flights from Vancouver B.C. to Bella Coola.
Call Pacific Coastal Airlines @ 604-273-8666 for reservations and schedules

West Coast Helicopters
Provides local Helicopter Charters for Heli-Angling and Heli-Hiking.
Call 250-982-2181
Bella Coola Base
A-Star Helicopter

Sail in to Bella Coola

BC Ferries
BC Ferries scheduled passenger and vehicle service from Port Hardy to Bella Coola.
Phone BC Ferries @ 250-386-3431 for reservations

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