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Grizzly Sow & Cubs

Welcome to Bella Coola
"Grand Entrance to the Great Bear Rainforest"

Bella Coola Grizzly Tours is a land and marine based operation out of Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. We offer guided marine tours, wildlife viewing and grizzly bear watching, with lodging in our deluxe log cabins or aboard our 42 foot vessel The MV Nekhani.  

We offer Wildlife Viewing Tours to the east and west of Bella Coola, and guided Grizzly Bear Tours in the Bella Coola River watershed and saltwater fjords of the mid coast. This area is now commonly known as the Great Bear Rainforest.

With over 30 years guiding experience, your host, Leonard Ellis has learned the ways of the elusive Coastal Grizzly. The Bella Coola Valley has a high population of grizzlies and we are able to view them in various settings while they are feeding.

The springtime is actually one of the best times to view the biggest boar Grizzlies as they are forced to come down to the estuaries to feed on the fresh greens and sedges that grow there. In August, September, October and November the huge boar Grizzlies and sows with cubs fish salmon in the pristine rivers to fatten up for the long Winter.

Leonard & Family,

Thank you for a great time, we really enjoyed our stay with you. The tours are great. We are very, very, very happy that we got to see Grizzlies. Also, thank you for showing us that huge cedar tree ( truly very cool). Bella Coola is a wonderful place, I hope we will be returning very soon.

Rebecca & Bill - Greece.

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42 ft. M.V. Nekhani.
Our Tour Vessel

Bella Coola is the premier departure point and mainland port of the "Great Bear Rainforest" and offers water and air access to the entire Central Coast.

Breathtaking scenery and wildlife flourishes in this pristine wilderness area of the BC Coast.

From spring to fall, we offer two tour packages:

  • Glacial Fjord Nautical Grizzly Tour
    including 'The Seafood Catch of the Day'
  • Bella Coola Valley Wildlife and Sightseeing Tours by bus.


Crab Catch


Wilderness Marine Grizzly Tour
with 'The Seafood Catch of the Day'

Our Wilderness Marine Tour offers a nautical journey into the majestic glacial fjords of the Great Bear Rainforest in the comfort of our 42 foot MV Nekhani.  You will enjoy Grizzly Bear and Wildlife Viewing in the estuaries of a prolific salmon river. Experience the breaktaking scenery of the Bella Coola Valley and it's history. 

Plus, the 'Seafood Catch of the Day' is a big part of our unique Grizzly Tour, where the guests actually get to participate in the setting and hauling of the Dungeness Crab and Prawn Gear.


Later, our chef will prepare a Seafood Feast from your fresh catch of Dungeness Crabs and Jumbo White Spot Prawns!

Our Wilderness Marine Tour departs Bella Coola Harbour. We are Transport Canada certified. MV Nekhani is a twin diesel ocean going jet boat and specifically rigged for wildlife viewing.

Our tour takes you into the heart of the best Wilderness Grizzly Bear Viewing on the BC Coast.

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This is not only an exceptional Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Wolf and Marine Life Viewing Tour but an awesome nautical tour of the glacial fjords with stops at previously inaccessible world famous historic sites.

Natural Mineral Hot Springs

We'll visit a secluded natural hot springs tucked away on the shoreline. This is a remote wilderness Hotspring that is not commercialized at all and visited by few. A gorgeous hot springs pool has been built by locals by damming a beautiful natural rock crevice. There is room for about 8 people or more in the pool and the hot water is crystal clear with no odor. At high tide you can dive right off the hot spring rocks into the cold glacial water to refresh yourselves, and many do.

We will be swing by the historic old Tallheo Cannery, visit local natural mineral hot springs and witness the beauty of coastal inlets, bays, estuaries and fjords.

Along the way we'll encounter marine life at home in its natural habitat and watch Harbour Seals, Sea Lions and Bald Eagles. Be sure to bring your camera! This is nature at it's finest.

Grizzly Bear Pictograph
Westward we cruise out the glacial waters of North Bentinck past the Hanging Glaciers to view the First Nation Pictographs at Mesachie (Devil’s) Nose. Your on board First Nations guide will explain how the vermillion paint was made by the early peoples, where to look for ancient pictographs and what they mean.

All the way through the fjords, our guests will want to be scanning the beaches for bears and wolves and of course dolphins and whales.

Incidental sightings of Grizzly Bears, Black Bears and Wolves will be spotted travelling and feeding as they frequent the beaches and tidal flats in the Spring time. Both the Grizzly and Black Bear's deep dark coats are very visible against the vibrant green grass they are feeding on.


Prawn Catch

Your skipper teaches the guests how to ready the prawn gear to be set and encourages the guests to take part in the 'Seafood Catch of the Day' activities of baiting the pots and setting them off the stern of the Nekhani. This is a fun fishing activity and the guests get to participate thoroughly in the fishery and learn how prawns are caught.

Once we set out the prawn gear the guests will have to wait for the pots to “soak” through a few tides and the guests get to participate in the activity of hauling them back on the following day.

Aboard the M.V. Nekhani we will serve you with the best seafood that the waters of Bella Coola has to offer, caught daily by yourself and your guide. Your tidal water sport fishing license entitles you to your daily catch limits and our guides will teach you how to catch the prawns and crabs and even jig for bottom fish if you like.

You'll relax in the beautiful surroundings in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.  Find out more about our complete itinerary - visit our BC Grizzly Bear Tours page.

Thank you so much for this unforgettable weekend in Bella Coola. When traveling so long a distance as we did for our holidays, one always is expecting the best things to happen, but never imagined that we were going to have such good moments that will be in our minds forever.

For sure, we will be your ambassadors, Leonard & Michelle, in our country, and wish you all success in your beautiful business.

Jose, Inma, Ale & Jorge - Canary Islands, Spain.

Luxurious Resort Accommodations

Our land and ocean based Grizzly Bear Tours and Adventures originate from our luxurious resort in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada.

Our new post & beam chalet style log cabins at Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and Adventure Resort provide all the comforts and serve as our base camp for our wilderness expeditions.

The chalets are set into the timber and are quite private and independent of each other. Each cabin is beautifully finished in aspen and has its own kitchenette complete with electric stove, oven, refrigerator and microwave.

Each chalet has full bathroom facilities and hot showers so you can start fresh day or night.

Each chalet has a deluxe queen size sleigh bed and two double beds with fine linen. The banisters and hand rails are all in natural curved red and yellow cedar that we have beach combed from the fjords.

The panoramic view of the 8000 foot mountains is spectacular from the large covered sundeck on the front of your chalet.

WiFi, Cell Service & Satellite TV available



We have a complete range of clean, comfortable and deluxe accommodations all with majestic mountain views for all price ranges and budgets, please inquire.

Thanks for the great hospitality, warm fire and comfortable beds!!

Brian Kerman & Carl Tuck
North Coast Marine RCMP

Wilderness Adventures

Lower Bella Coola Valley to the West

Bella Coola is situated at the head of a long narrow ocean fjord that winds its way inland towards some of the highest glacial mountain’s in the coast range.

Our land based Bella Coola Wilderness Adventures is ideally located just minutes from the airport on Highway 20 and is accessible by BC Ferries as well.

Join us for one of our guided, all inclusive outdoor adventures. Let us take you hiking and backpacking, camping and fishing, wildlife viewing and 4x4 touring into the remote valleys and stupendous mountains of the Bella Coola valley.

We offer natural wildlife viewing tours and hiking adventures throughout the Bella Coola Valley and beyond.

Ancient Petroglyphs

Rich in History

Lying amidst the towering snow capped mountains this small west coast village is rich in history and native culture. First nations people have lived here for over 10,000 years, long before the Europeans ever dreamed this land existed. Ancient petroglyphs and rock paintings are scattered throughout the forest. Our Nuxalk guides assist in making your stay here an enjoyable one and provide you with a unique insight of their culture and long history in the area.

This region has always been recognized for magnificent scenery and friendly people ever since the first European explorers arrived. Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Captain George Vancouver both explored this vast region in 1793 and were quite taken with the areas breathtaking scenery describing the landscape as extremely grand in their journals.

Grizzly with Dandelions

In May of that year, Bella Coola played an important role in the journeys of discovery of two famous explorers. In May of that year, Captain George Vancouver, charting the west coast in search of a possible Northwest Passage and great northern continent, sailed his ship "Discovery" into these waters, making contact with the local peoples at what is now Bella Coola.

In July, Sir Alexander Mackenzie became the first European to travel accross Canada and reach the Pacific Ocean by land when he left the Fraser River and followed a Nuxalk trading trail across the Chilcotin Plateau before descending into the Bella Coola Valley. The rock that he marked as witness to his incredible journey remains visible today.

The Magnificent Bella Coola Valley

Giant Red Cedar Tree
Bella Coola is the only mainland port on the BC Central Coast and provides convenient highway access to the entire "Great Bear Rainforest."

The Bella Coola River flows down the valley bottom creating an enormous floodplain before spilling its icy glacial waters into the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Salmon return on an annual basis to the rivers and creeks to spawn and create a wonderful eco-system. This remote area is home to some of the largest Grizzlies and Mountain Goats in the world and an incredible web of marine life.

Massive Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Spruce Trees flourish and grow to a huge diameter and height in this temperate zone of the Coastal Rainforest. Devils Club, rare ferns, mosses and lichens thrive in the humid lowlands and provide a perfect environment for the Coastal Grizzly.

Heading west out the turquoise blue glacial waters of North Bentinck Arm, we view Sea Lions, Seals, Otters & Eagles along the way as we cruise out the steep Coastal Fjord.

Hanging glaciers provide majestic backdrops and cascading waterfalls plummet down the vertical granite walls into the frigid waters. Few places on earth host as much raw natural beauty & culture as this magnificent region of British Columbia.

Grizzly Bear: "The Pool Hunter"
Bears are local residents here too and are most active when they are feeding. Grizzlies, especially the big old boars, tend to feed first thing in the morning and usually dominate the best feeding areas. The first few hours of daylight offer some of the best opportunities for sightings before the sun gets too high in the sky. Once their bellies are full, they usually bed down until mid afternoon. The bears start moving again later in the afternoon and feed heavily again into the evening.

These generally reclusive creatures tend to shy away from humans and prefer remote wilderness areas where they can feed peacefully and live undisturbed. When pressure is put on them from human activity they soon move off in search of quieter areas.

At Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and Adventure Resort we do our best to provide our guests with natural sightings of the wildlife without upsetting their way of life. All our wildlife sightings are in perfectly natural Wilderness areas or Parks. Some of the most breathtaking scenery in North America is here for you to experience in the beautiful Bella Coola Valley. We invite you to come and share it with us at Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and Adventure Resort.

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